Crescent Diamond

Director - Producer - Editor - Educator

Artist's Statement


   I make films to investigate culture, explore transformational moments, unearth valuable stories, and question traditional paradigms. I create narratives that lead to more questions - that ask audiences to look at their own beliefs and histories with a new curiosity. My films are about emotional journeys, personal transformations and social movements.  When making cross-cultural documentaries, I expose problematic elements, such as the privilege and power of the filmmaker.  I play with experimental fictional narratives where the film form is deconstructed.

   My artistic path began with a love for fiction, theater, acting, and the development of characters.  Through my personal journey through understanding my sexuality, spirituality and political beliefs, I find the subjects that I want to focus on.  I notice that much of my work combines different genres and styles, like documentary and fiction, animation and live-action.  I like to play with perception and remind audiences that they are watching a film that was constructed by someone.  I bring out the tension between the cultural norms we are used to seeing and the representation of what is usually hidden or untold.  Rather than trying to shock audiences, I attempt to unveil potential connections to the characters or the story, creating a new view of their own lives.  

  The subjects that I am most passionate about are: gender outlaws, sexuality, adolescence, movements for social justice, pioneering women and in general, characters that are experiencing a personal transformation. I research the history of gender and sexuality theory and follow how cultural conceptions of these notions are quickly evolving.  I am curious about how identity is formed, and changes in relation to life events.  

  My goal as an artist is to continue to delve into stories outside of the mainstream and inspire others with narratives about transformation, while experimenting with film form.